Miracle Class Collection 2 – Vol.02

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Unfolding within each of us a Consciousness of Miracles!

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Miracle Class Collection 2 – Vol.02

Beloved Akasha hosts one Miracle Class each month. This Class is dedicated to unfolding within each of us a Consciousness of Miracles, providing us with a greater understanding and means to achieve the Path of Resurrection. Beloved Anna, Grandmother of Jesus Christ, over-lights the Miracle Classes along with Mother Akasha. The Miracle Class Series includes ways to remove our body and life out of duality mind, and releasing our life back into its native element, that being the Consciousness of God where no duality exists.

Mother Akasha & Eloha Lumina: February 2014
Mother Akasha & Eloha Amora: March 2014
Mother Akasha & Eloha Astrea: April 2014
Mother Akasha & Eloha Virginia: May 2014

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