Miracle Class Collection 1 – Vol.02

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Unfolding within each of us a Consciousness of Miracles!

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Miracle Class Collection 1 – Vol.02

Phase 1 Level 5 Miracles Oct 2008: 1-Tree of Life. 2-Personal Authority. 3-World Miracle.

Phase 1 Level 6 Miracles Nov 2008: 1-Great Central Sun’s Magnet in Heart to Receive All Miracles. 2-Abiding Inner Presence. 3-Mighty Victory, Heart Opening to the Love of Cosmic Love Supreme. 4-Lifting Out of hurt, feeling alone, hopelessness, sadness, despair. 5-Desire Soul Level and Importance of Saying Yes to your Desires.

Phase 1 Level 7 Miracles Dec 2008: 1-13 Goddess Raising Love Generator in 5th Chamber of Heart. 2-Water Element for World, for physical garment. 3-Expansion of Consciousness, Queen of Light. 4-Goddess of Peace Holding Us. 5-Mighty Victory’s Victory Letter V in the Garden of our Consciousness. 6.-Master Germain’s Transmuting Human Emotion. 7-Removal of Disappointment.

Phase 2 Level 1 Miracles Jan 2009: 1-Akasha’s World Vision, Peace in the Middle East, North America a Drug Free Zone. 2-Opening 5th and 6th Chambers of the Heart of Students, Goddess Rose. 3-Letting Go of Limiting Appearances/Christ Demonstration in Body. 4-Letting Go in Garden of our Consciousness.

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