My Miracle Mantle of Love’s Mastery

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My Miracle Mantle of Love’s Mastery

Comprehending the 3 Step Silent Force of Ascension upon our lives | A Game Changer, the First and Second Golden Age attainment is available | Registering moment-to-moment attainment in our etheric body | The Electronic Pattern of our Miracle Mantle of Love’s Mastery | Harnessing the Spiritual Centre within our Chest Cavity | Every Breath becomes a Breath of Harmony | The Goddess of Joy, Beloved Charity’s Miracle Presence with us | Mighty Victory enfolds us in His Sacred Geometry of Victory | Our Mantle, our White Fire Rose of Eternal Happiness | Our Mantle, our Pearl of Diamond Shining Purity | Our Mantle, Beloved Jesus Lantern of Light | Our Mantle, Great Master Germain’s Amethyst Jewel of Honor | Our Mantle, Mother Mary’s Eternal Healing Flame | Our Mantle, Quan Yin’s Eternal Flame of Redemption | Our Mantle, Lady Nada’s Radiant Jewel of Inspiration | Our Mantle, Master El Morya’s Sword Excalibur | Our Mantle, Lord Maitreya’s Ascended Master Obedience | Our Mantle, Mother Akasha’s Heart of Feeling Alive | Our Mantle, Lord Asun’s All Encompassing Light of Glory | Our Mantle, Archangel Michael’s Cosmic Blue Flame Our Mantle, Archangel Raphael’s Emerald Green Healing Love | Our Mantle, The Goddess of Venus Healing Treatment | And much, much more! ~ Calgary 2015

2 CD Set

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