PH-Pro Strips 

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PH-Pro Strips  – 80 Strips

If you would like a good indication of how acidic or alkaline your total body pH is, you can use these test strips sensitive between the values of 5.5 to 9.0 to measure either your saliva or your urine several times a day.

Product Notes: The pH scale indicates how acidic (for the lower numbers) or alkaline (for the higher ones) a substance (whether a soil, or a chemical or household solution, or a bodily fluid) is. While a completely neutral pH environment would be 7.0 (the scale ranges from 0 to 14), our bodies try to operate at a slightly alkaline level, in the low 7’s (from 7 to 7.4), since many functions such as enzymatic, immunologic, metabolic and repair mechanisms work best in that range.

What’s Included in the Box: A booklet of 80 individual pH test strips, a pH colour chart to interpret the results, and instructions for testing urine or saliva.

Suggested Usage: It’s important to be consistent when you measure pH, since your levels fluctuate during the day. The easiest way is to test your urine’s pH, first thing in the morning. Note, though, that a morning measurement may be slightly more acidic because metabolic acids in the kidneys build up overnight. For a more accurate reading try to take several measurements throughout the day, and then calculate your daily average.

Testing several times a day (ideally 4: first thing in the morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and in the evening) for three days in a row will give a very reasonable idea of whether the body is functioning within a healthy pH range. In healthy bodies, there’s a natural circadian shift between acidity and alkalinity over the course of a day: we’re all more acidic in the morning; and become more alkaline by mid-afternoon; and return to a more acidic state in the evening.

The first step in establishing a health-promoting alkaline internal environment is to assess your current first morning urine PH. This is a good measure of your average body PH and is easily obtained by following these simple steps.

  1. Obtain a packet of PH test paper strips. This test tape measures acid-alkaline states and should be marketed into one-half point divisions ranging at least 5.5 to 8.0.
  2. First thing in the morning, wet the tape strip with urine (either by urinating directly on the tape or by collecting the urine in a cup and dipping the tape into the urine).
  3. As the tape is moistened with urine, it will take on a color. The color relates to the acid or alkaline state of your urine and ranges from yellow to dark blue. Match the color of your test strip with the color chart provided with the test strip packet.
  4. Jot down the number that correspond to the color your tape has taken on. Any number below 7 means that your urine is on the acid side. The lower the number the more acidic the condition. The body functions best in an alkaline state for health promotion, we should try to avoid highly metabolic states. Ideally, our first morning urine PH should be 6.5 to 7.5 with an occasional, but not constant every day 7.5 reading.
  5. If your reading is below 6.5, then you are advised to begin changes aimed at alkalizing your diet, and assistance is required with minerals. In the beginning, because of the acid-forming tendency of the standard American diet, most of us will find low PH readings.

Human cells are designed to run at about -20 millivolts (energy) (or PH of 7.35). The body has the ability to heal itself of many ailments it it is supplied with sound nutrition (alkaline live food) and proper cellular energy (minerals).

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