Reclaim Your Torch – Pt.2

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Reclaim Your Torch, Part 2

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Reclaim Your Torch – Pt.2

Beloved Magdalene Roses, Torchbearers and Way Showers, Initiates and Adepts, now in your Journey Home, becoming once again your True Self on Earth, we must empower ourselves to reclaim the powers of First Cause, the Powers of Creation, that we were truly endowed with.

In Mother Akasha’s Tree of Life Class, on Wednesday, March 2nd, Mother initiated this process declaring that we must stop living as though we are the effect of some force or operation acting upon us. In the following Ascended Master Broadcast from the Avatar, Mighty Victory, He followed Mother’s Discourse in explaining how we are all endowed with First Cause, the power to create, and how our world of experiences are all the effects of our own conscious thinking, choices, feelings, attitudes, or what we have accepted or allowed into our consciousness from others and the world, that then becomes a cause of all the continued effects we experience.

In this series, we continue our studies into the understanding and comprehension of our ability to create and co-create, and how we are endowed with the Creative Intelligent Power of First Cause, and how to reclaim the powers of First Cause, the Powers of Creation fully acting once again in our lives that we may come to enjoy a whole new wondrous world of effects.

Our Ascended Master Guests include: Mother Akasha, Father Asun, the Christ, Elohim Cassiopea, Eloah Lumina, Lady Leto, Master Germain, Lord Kuthumi, El Morya, and the Goddess of Truth.

~ Vancouver 2022

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