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Please bring your Sacred Crystal Cup to be placed upon the Alter | Beloved Akasha draws forth the Love of the Great Central Sun to America | Beloved Great Master Germain addresses the Sacred Flame Torchbearers | Goddess of Liberty decrees ‘America shall rise a Lantern of Light to the world’ | The Elohim of Purity decrees the Great Cleansing of America of all discord | Lady Nada officially welcomes the Seventh Golden Age | Archangel Michael leads Legions of His Cosmic Blue Flame Angels into America | Mother Mary speaks into the Hearts of the People | Emanuel Jesus the Christ proclaims the Sacred Covenant of America | The Goddess of Justice seals North America, proclaims Canada, the land of Justice! | Asun addresses the ‘Awakening of the I AM Race | The time has come, let the I AM God Presence come through you Beloveds | Arrival of the I AM Pioneers and I AM Entrepreneurs | The Sacred Fire fans the Tree of Life | The Sacred Fire begins to remove the consciousness of good and evil!. ~ Syracuse, NY