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The Great Awakening – Pt.1

We begin with Beloved Master Germain, Goddess of Light, and Archangel Michael. The time has come to BE the Light, to BE the Light of God that never fails, to BE the Love of God that always fulfills, TO BE the Strength, Presence, and Power of God on Earth. A time for all of us to become Mighty Conduits of God in Action for the Seventh Golden Age to unfold upon our Earth.

  • We come now a Benevolent Force in your Life
  • Embrace now the Law of Redemption that your Path becomes clear
  • Directing the Light of your I AM God Presence into your Body Temple
  • Let the Noble Spiritual Beings that you truly are now arise
  • A Time to Step up to our Vows to fully awaken and enlighten
  • We must support the ‘Truth Sayers’ anointed to reveal what has been hidden
  • Supporting ways to increase your receptivity to ‘Intuitions’
  • The take down of the world ‘illuminati and cabal’ has begun
  • Archangel Michael, final preparations to remove the sinister force
  • Master Germain offers greater Purity and Protection
  • Mother Mary makes active in us Her 75 Gifts
  • Goddess of Light enfolds us in new Shields of Light

~ Vancouver 2020

1 CD