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The Great Awakening – Pt.4

Welcome to our Great Awakening Series, sponsored by Mother Akasha and Papa Asun. Our Guests include Master Germain, the Goddess of Justice, Elohim Hercules, Mother Meta, Mighty Victory, Beloved Quan Yin, Lord Maitreya, and the Goddess of Charity.

  • Expanding Resurrection into Christ Consciousness
  • Attuning brain function to Higher Light Frequencies
  • Living life free of fear
  • New Champions of Will and Determination
  • Offering world consciousness redemption and compassion
  • Championing a new relationship with all Kingdoms on Earth
  • Violet Purification of world consciousness
  • Attaining a Charitable Heart and Discerning Mind
  • Sourcing Universal Consciousness
  • You can make a difference, are you ready
  • An awakening design for all humanity

Vancouver, BC, Canada