Birthing Sacred Body Temple 3

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Sacred Body Temple Series Part 3

7 Gifts for Happiness, Health, Light and Success

Through Their Messenger, Usa, Akasha and Asun offer a new Program: “Birthing our Sacred Body Temple”. There are four workshops to this exciting new mini—series. This CD is part Three. Many preparations are underway to assist us to raise our Earthly selves into full Christ Consciousness through Divine Love, Divine Mind, Divine Will, Divine Grace and Divine Power. We hope you enjoy what Akasha and Asun have prepared to assist us.

7 Spiritual Laws for Happiness and Fulfillment | 7 Powerful and Resourceful Emotions | 7 Steps to Creative Manifestation | 7 Sacred Activations to increase our Light & Joy | 7 Lights of Joy in our 7 Body Senses | Bathing our Body Temple in Radiance of Joy | 7 Chakra Light of Joy Activation | 7 Powerful Calls to Success.

~ Vancouver 2006

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