The Raising Activity of Resurrection

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A Spectacular Three-Day Weekend with the Masters

The Radiant Rose Academy welcomes you to a powerful weekend of Resurrection. Our Messengers Usa and Excalibur host the Ascended Masters Mother Akasha and Lord Asun who have come to reveal Their Divine Dispensation to the Earth, the Rose Pink Flames of the Mother’s Presence that fulfills the Light of Christ Consciousness

Meet Mother Akasha and Asun! This weekend may change your life!

A time has come to be raised up and out of all limitation | 144 Qualities of Divine Love waiting to be expanded in your feelings | Unlocking Power Words within your mind | 33 Passages of Resurrection | The Magic of the Sacred Fire within your physical heart | The Sacred Flames of Resurrection, how to use them | New ways to expand Light Substance in your mind | Raising the Divine Signature of water element in your body | What is Sacred Manna, its youthful effect on your body | Resurrecting your Chakras into Super Electrons | Super Electrons register, anchor and express your Spirituality | Becoming a Sovereign Being through the Power of Divine Will | Freeing yourself of the worst 5 human habits | Divine Solutions that heal emotional wounds and hurts | Learning Ancient words of the Universal Language of Love | Living from the Bounty of your Presence | Discover how to use your Creative Forces for all you desire | Resurrection: The Raising Activity | ~ Los Angeles 2015

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