The Untouchables Covenant

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The untouchables Covenant

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The Untouchables Covenant

Beloved Magdalene Roses, our Covenant Series continues. We welcome you to ‘The Untouchables Covenant’. A long-standing Covenant fulfills itself this weekend: Beloved Christ confirms His Covenants with ‘The Untouchables in Training’ who are presently on Earth. This weekend, the Victorious Christ communes and provides Guidelines with our Higher Christ Self. Mother Akasha communes and provides Guidelines with our Sacred Soul. We will listen and observe their Communication with the Christ and Soul of each of us.

  • Some of the Avatars join Christ’s Mission in training the Untouchables
  • Some of the Immortals join Christ in anchoring Key Codes of the Untouchables
  • The World Teacher steps forth with Her own Teachings
  • Earth’s first Earth Incarnates of the Christ/Soul join us
  • Lord Melchizedek & the Queen of Light trigger ancient memories in us
  • Harnessing the Omnipresence of our Infinite Source of Life
  • The Archangels and Goddesses initiate Higher States of Learning
  • The Arceus reveal the Sacred Geometry of “The Untouchables”
  • The Journey of Knowing changes our world of physical relativity
  • And much much more…

Our Special Guests include Mother Akasha, Father Asun, the Christ, the Queen of Light, Lord Melchizedek, Lady Leto, Arceus Arcaseus, Goddess of Peace, Immortal Athena, Immortal Zeus

~ Vancouver 2022

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