Two Sacred Seeds – Two Sacred Trees

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Two Sacred Seeds – Two Sacred Trees

Artists: Rebecca Whitman
Sizes: 5x7in and 8.5x11in.

Two Sacred Seeds… Two Sacred Trees

The Sacred Seed of Thee… Was Planted Beside
The Sacred Seed of Me.
Your Seed Grew and Blossomed Into a Magnificent Golden Light.
Mine Laid Quiescent… Waiting Until the Time Was Right.

We Were Planted Here by the Heavenly Host…
To Give This World What it Needed Most.
For Every Seed Knows What It is to Be.
Your Seed Grew You, and Mine Grew Me.

Your Tree Was Planted For the World to See.
Mine Was Hidden Away to Grow Quietly.
Your Tree Bore a Golden Fruit… As You Came Here to Teach the Truth.
My Tree is Pink and Sways With Grace…Planted Here to Love a Sleeping Race.
Your Roots Run Deep and Plenty. Your Light Shines Bright In the Hearts of Many.
My Roots Have Grown Strong and Have Spread Far and Wide.
Laying Undisturbed While I Was Allowed to Hide.

You Came First to Light the Way For Me.
I Came Second… To Love Them Free.
They Had To Turn and Face Your Light…
Before My Love Could Begin To Restore Their Sight.

You and I Are Working As a Team…
To Awake the Children From This Terrible Dream.
You Came and Paved a Golden Road… Now I Am Here to Walk Them Home.

I Love Them All… Each and Every One…
As Do You… Oh Golden One.

The Sacred Seed of Thee… Was Planted By The Sacred Seed of Me.
Your Seed Grew You … and Mine Grew Me.
All According to Divine Destiny.

Every Seed Grows In Its Perfect Time.
First Came Yours… Now It’s Time For Mine.

Thank You For Shining Your Light So Bright…
Allowing Me To Stay Out of Sight.
Giving Me Time to Anchor My Roots…
Preparing Them For Me… By Sharing Your Truth.

They WILL BE Shocked … For They Are Not Expecting Me.
They Have Always Thought There Was Only Thee.
But the Truth We Now Bring, Is That There Was Another.
For You Brought the Father…. Now I Bring The Mother.
For God So Loves Them All… Everyone That Took a Fall.
That They Sent You the Son… and I the Daughter…
To Bring Them to The Holy Water.

To Help Them Drink and Finally Face…
That THEY Made This Choice… To Fall From Grace.

We Came Here To Lift Them Up In The Arms of Love…
And Carry Them Home On the Wing of Doves.

The Sacred Seed of Thee… Was Planted By the Sacred Seed of Me.
Your Seed Grew You… and Mine Grew Me.
Destined to Bloom for Eternity.
I Next to You and You Next to Me.

Two Sacred Seeds…. Two Sacred Trees.
This Is OUR Divine Destiny.

– Alaki (All Love) …. The Daughter

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