Universal Laws of Existence Pt.2

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Universal Laws of Existence Pt.2

Welcome Beloved Magdalene Roses to Part Two of our Trilogy Series on the Dynamic Relationship between Consciousness and Physical Existence, in Regard to Self, Source, the Universe, Space and Matter and Electromagnetism.

The Impact of future time upon space and matter . Consciously working electromagnetism upon substance and form . What happens when your mind and heart work in contravention to laws of love? . What are the Causative Factors of Consciousness that appear as form/experiences? . How does personal consciousness lead to national consciousness? . Impact of national consciousness upon humanity and experience . Personal changes in your existence happen when we change our consciousness . Why spiritual development must be a constant to unconditional love . How mental imaginings can form world-wide viral infections . How unconditional love practiced daily can heal a broken world.



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