A Beautiful Life 1

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Defining what it is that you are best at | Tapping into the inner charm and magical presence of you | Cultivating a kindness and caring that expresses out from you | Purity, Peace, and Harmony, the essentials of your inner being | Knowing and Certainty of the path you are living | Building upon Inner Wisdom and Discernment that guides your way | Living for something greater than yourself | Developing Gratitude, Devotion, and Adoration | Living in alignment with your True Self | Ensuring what is inside you is precious and worthy for outer experience | Creating a Consciousness of Camelot inside yourself | Meditation to release the Inner Beauty and Magic of your Beingness | Discovering how to radiate Charm and Charisma | Get it inside you….and it will show up in your outer life | Being connected to your own Fountain of Inner Wisdom | Saying Yes effectively, to your Greater Life, through you. ~ Calgary 2011

2 CD Set

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