Ascended Masters Council 5

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Fifth Annual Ascended Masters Earth Council

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Ascended Masters Earth Council. Once again, Maharaji Osho, the General Secretary of the Ascended Masters Intel, will speak directly with us. Other Guest Masters include: The Goddess of Venus, Master Victory, and the Master Germain.

More assistance to elevate us into our Higher Christ Consciousness | Arrival of Avatars and Immortals to advance the Untouchables | Angels of the Cosmic Lightning Fire to Purify our Atmosphere | The I AM Race must awaken soon, ways to help | Masters response to wrong use of artificial intelligence | Planting Earth with Geometric Designs of Gold Light Substance | Venus communicates with Earth’s Powers of Nature | Central Sun’s Magnets Presence to sweep the Earth | Gods of the Mountains initiate Volcanoes to help the Planet | Incoming of Liquid Light to harmonize Earth Structure | Purification of the World Emotional body advances | Strengthening the Matrix of people’s Consciousness | Plans to help balance weather conditions/sunlight/rainfall. ~ Salt Lake City 2015

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