Ascending Hearts Conclave 2011

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Ascending Hearts Conclave

Universal Planetary Intervention is currently underway | Opening Portals of Consciousness to connect with the Celestial Host | Interpreting your Service work at Ground Level Earth | Assisting your Transformation into the Christed Consciousness | Gravitating towards the Mahatma Soul Consciousness | Becoming Conduits for the Heavenly Forces to work through | 1930 to 2012, Eighty-two years of preparation | Be Ye now an ‘Open Door’ for the Seventh Golden Age on Earth | Receive the ‘Untouchable Force’ of the Christ Innovators and Entrepreneurs | The Transmutation Powers of the Purifying Flame begins | Himalaya prepares for the 2012 Outpouring of Sacred Fire Love | Expanding Great Master Germain’s new Dispensation | Receiving the Electronic Pattern of the Lungs of an Untouchable | Ascended Master Weaving of the 2011 Conclaves | Accelerating the Gifts of Shasta and Ascended Masters 1st Earth Council

Akasha and Asun’s Ascended Master Guests include: Archangel Metatron, The Queen of Light, Lord Melchizedek, Queen Himalaya, Emanuel, The Elohim Arcturus, The Ascended Master Youth Pearl and Bob, The Lord Kuthumi, Goddess of Liberty, Lord Master Shadeeb, and our Beloved Great Master Germain. Master of Ceremonies: Magic Moreno. Vancouver 2011

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