Ascending Hearts Conclave 2012

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Ascending Hearts Conclave

Three Suns arising greet the arrival of the Ascended Masters Divine Plan! The Golden Sun’s Presence, The Physical Sun, the Great Central Sun;

Beloved Akasha and Asun’s Special Ascended Master Guests include:
Sanat Kumara, the Goddess of Purity, the Elohim Purity, Mother Mary, Elohim Hercules, Goddess Himalaya also known as The Evening Rose, Great Master Germain, Mighty Victory, Goddess of Justice, Lord Maitreya, and the Ascended Master Youth Nada and Rex.

This Conclave begins the great work coming forth in 2013 and 2014 of aligning with the Seven Mighty Elohim for fully opening and activating the 2 Highest Spiritual Centres of our Physical Garment, the Pituitary and Pineal Glands of the Brain. This Conclave includes the Intervention of the Ascended Host in aligning us with the Sacred Triangulation of the 3 Suns, the Sun Presence within us, the Physical Sun, and the Great Central Sun. Mother Akasha draws forth the Electronic Patterns of our God Parents Helios and Vesta of the Physical Sun as well as other Electronic Patterns from the Ascended Host. This Conclave announces the important activity of the Seven Holy Weeks that begin on November 22, that hosts the opening of the Seventh Golden Age opening on December 22, 2012. Welcome to Conclave. Vancouver 2012

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