Ascending Hearts Conclave 2019

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The Ascending Hearts Conclave

The Great Golden Flame of Eternal Peace, Love, Purity and Eternal Happiness

Mother Akasha, Beloved Asun, the Director Logos, the Great God of Gold, Sanat Kumara, Lady Leto, Master Kuthumi, Lady Nada, Mighty Victory, Mother Vesta, Master Germain, the Ascended Master Youth, the Goddess Charity, Mighty Neptune, the Goddess of Venus, Princess Mary Magdalene, and Beloved Master Jesus welcome you to the Ascending Hearts Conclave. Through our very Special Guest, the God of Gold, comes the Great Golden Flame for this Seventh Golden Age, and the wonderful truth about physical Substance of Gold and Its Power to be a Blessings of Healing and Happiness to everyone and all Manifestation:

Blessings will be showered upon everyone from the Great Realm of the Golden Flame . The Inner Action of the Golden Flame and the physical Substance of Gold . How the Great Golden Flame quicken the Seven Energy Centres of our body . The Great Golden Flame intensifies the Metamorphosis process . How the substance of Gold is here to be a blessing to everyone . The sinister force has been successful in storing Gold in vaults . New Divine Plan for growing Gold in our planet and world . Gold purifies all it contacts; and holds perfect balance everywhere . Where there is understanding, the Power of Gold comes to heal and heal and heal . In receiving the Great Golden Flame, Gold will grow in your world once again . Mother Mary and the Golden Flame Essence of Divine Happiness and Grace . The Masters offer you Their Golden Flame of Love and Happiness . Just as Gold grows within the Earth, we come to enfold you in the same Mighty Action . The Great Golden Flame and Substance of Gold work together, time to make it happen . A time to Glorify the Flame, and to Glorify the Elements . How the Holy Spirit will advance Its work in us through 2020 ~ Vancouver 2019

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