Covenant Los Angeles 2016

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I AM the Cosmic Law’s Victorious Action of all Covenants fulfilled!

The Majestic Eloah Aloha, who oversees all Divine Plans, is coming to the first Covenant to activate the Divine Plan that says, ‘With enough pearls, with enough Truths restored into your awareness, there is a Divine Plan that all those Truths merge into an explosive graceful state of emerging Celestial Consciousness that gives you the first taste, the first fruitage of Omniscience.’

Great Cosmic Beings from the centre of our Universe, the Great Central Sun, have promised: “We are coming”. These Cosmic Beings have made Covenants with each of us, that when activated completes our awakening into full enlightenment and Soul Fulfillment.

The Cosmic Beings attending Covenant include: Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, The Elohim, The Eloah, The Arceus, The Immortals and The Avatars. This Special Event is Overseen by Lord Maitreya.                                ~ Los Angeles 2016

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