Ascending Hearts Conclave 2010

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Ascending Hearts Conclave

On behalf of our Beloved Ascended Akasha and Asun, the Messengers Usa and Jayde, and our Master of Ceremonies Magic Moreno, we welcome you to the fourth Conclave of 2010, The Ascending Hearts Conclave. Their Ascended Master Guests include The Queen of Light, Mighty Victory, The God and Goddess of Light, Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, Beloved Helios and Vesta and the Ascended Children Bob and Pearl. This will be the first Conclave in this next great path we walk, the Journey of our Resurrection. The Training of the Untouchables begins Apprenticed Discipleship in Christ Consciousness The World Consciousness will begin to appear in dreams…Subjective Reality Specialized training in using the Greater Powers in the dream state Empowered with the Flame of Redemption, many will come in your dreams You will train in the Subjective Reality, armed with the Law of Forgiveness The Liberty and Purity Flame will open and stand between mind and Christ Mind The Specialized training of the Future Christ’s begins The Sword Excalibur comes alive for the new Untouchables The River Jordan washes away the Duality Consciousness The Collective Akashic Record, the Divine Plan of the Untouchables, is activated.

Our Guest Presenters include Paul Armitage, Roisha Ray, Leonard Howell and Robert Schwartz. Vancouver 2010

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