Covenant With Maitreya 2018

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Covenant With Maitreya

Creating and Maintaining our Clarity of Purpose!

The Masters come to initiate Covenants that will grow and expand within our Consciousness and our outer life experience. This weekend, Lord Maitreya initiates the ‘Piercing’ of the density of human consciousness so that more of the ‘Light’ of our Divinity can flow into our lives.

  • Covenant: Connecting with our own Inner Sense of Direction!
  • Covenant: Accessing a profound sense of Discernment!
  • Covenant: Honoring our feeling side of Life!
  • Covenant: Harnessing our Power of Determination
  • Covenant: Knowing and activating what is most important!
  • Covenant: Living a Spiritual Life in a material world!
  • Covenant: Aligning with the Vibration of Victory and Fulfillment.

Lord Maitreya’s Ascended Master Guests include: Mother Akasha, Master Asun, The Arceus, the Eloheim, Mighty Victory, World Teacher Lady Leto, Great Master Germain, and the Goddess of Peace.                          ~ Los Angeles 2018

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