Covenant Series 1

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The Covenant Series, Part One ~ The Rising of the Fifth Sun

Spiritual Impact of the Rising of the 5th Sun |A Covenant Fulfilled, the Seventh Golden Age has begun |The Sacred Triangulation of the 3 Suns births the great ‘Honor Flames’ |Sacred Covenants for ‘Living Beyond Duality’ |Your Higher Christ Consciousness remembers your Covenants |Your evolution as Radiant Rose Souls begins |The Universal Experience of God |The Seven Mighty Elohim come to the Covenant Series |The Covenant, A 3 year Course Study on ‘Living Beyond Duality’ | Helios and Vesta, Godparents of the Sun will over-light you |Spiritual Activations of the Pituitary and Pineal Glands begin |Spiritual understanding, comprehension, action, and experience | And much, much more! ~ Edmonton 2013

2 CD Set

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