Diamond Heart Conclave 2008

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Unlimited Mind and Its full restoration | Light in Its Original Conception | The return of the Creative Principles of Whole Mind | Restoring the missing link of creation and manifestation: the Conceptual Matrix | Preparing for the Crowning Moments of Illumination and Enlightenment | The return of Ra…the Intelligent Creative aspects of the Sun and Light | Second of three Sacred Anointing and Initiations anchoring the Rose, Golden and Violet Rays | The Light Body, the Source of our mental, emotional and physical bodies | The Master Jesus, Goddess of Light, Elohim Cassiopeia of Illumination, Lady Electra | The Electronic Light Body restores our Earthly Temple | The Light Patterns of the pituitary and pineal gland of the brain and coming changes | Meditation on major points of Light of our Light Body Matrix | Feel the Light, see the Light, hear the Light, be the Light, Avatars in training | The elevation of consciousness: mind, conception, creation | Dancing the Light Vibration, a Tidal Wave of Light | The Seven Crystal Cups upon our Miracle Heart’s Mantle: Fill them with Light. ~Montreal 2008

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