Diamond Heart Conclave 2015

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I offer you a Golden Platter filled with my Ascended Jesus Christ Love!

Mother Akasha and Lord Asun’s Special Guests include Jesus Christ, Lord Maitreya, Lord Melchizedek, the Queen of Light, Lord Melchior, Mighty Aries, Mighty Victory, Beloved Mother Mary, Beloved Joseph, Grandmother Anna, Mary Magdalene, Lord Chananda, and Mother Teresa, and two of the Ascended Master Youth. The Great Divine Director comes to open our Conclave.

The Ascended Jesus Christ Golden Platter | Mother Mary’s Visions in the Central Sun | The Mahatma Code | Ascended Master Training | Release of the White Fire into our Cellular Sacred Geometries | Jesse, the Passages of Sacred Mothers | Empowering the Magdalene Energy Force | Chananda’s Journey from the Cave of Light | Maitreya’s Secret Code of the Untouchables ~ Montreal 2015

2 CD

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