Diamond Heart Conclave 2019

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Diamond Heart Conclave

Beloved Master Jesus Special Guest: Mahatma Gandhi
The Metamorphosis of our Physical Bodies has begun!
The Seven Spiritual Biorhythms and Seven Sacred Seals

Our Ascended Master Guests include: The Director Logos, Beloved Master Jesus, Mother Akasha, Father Asun, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Mary, Master Germain, Grandmother Anna, Princess Mary Magdalene, Mighty Victory, Messenger of the Golden Robes, Messenger of the Rose Pink Robes, the Ascended Master Youth, Mighty Helios, Mother Vesta, and Lord Maitreya.

The Host of Light will release Cosmic Vibrations to quicken our physical growth | Mother Akasha directs the Mother Element into the physical matter of our bodies | Mary Magdalene directs Her Magdalene Force for our bodies to receive and feel | Mighty Victory decrees His Flame of Victory into our Seven Spiritual Energy Centres | Mother Anna breathes the Ancient Breath of the Holy Mothers into our lungs | Mother Mary assists us to feel the stimuli of Her Son Jesus Luminosity | Master Jesus offers us the Cosmic Rainbow Rays of our Sun and the Great Central Sun | And much much more…~ Montreal 2019

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