Goddess of Innocence

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Beloved Goddess of Innocence

We have been taught that our Innocence can never be lost, however it can be covered over. We may call to the Beloved Goddess of Innocence to assist us, to once again, reach within and to claim our Divine Innocence within our Heart Flame. The Goddess of Innocence and our Guardian Angel watches over our ‘Inner Child’ and therefore our ‘Inner Child’ remains untouched by the discord of the outer world. We may call upon the Goddess of Innocence to assist us to restore a strong feeling of Innocence in our feeling body and increase in us a great love of Innocence.

In Greek Mythology She is also known as Goddess Astraea, and is aligned with the Constellation Virgo. The Goddess of Innocence now serves in Earth’s Ascended Master Realms and is here now to assist in this new Seventh Golden Age to bring and end to human suffering. We may call upon Her Sacred Heart Flame of Eternal Innocence to remove all suffering in our feeling side of life.

Artist: Gayliaa

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