Goddess of Nature

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Goddess of Nature

Beloved Goddess of Nature is in complete Harmony with all of Nature. Call upon Her Sacred Purifying Love to Purify the Earth and all Her Kingdoms. Include the Goddess of Nature with the Gods of the Earth when decreeing for our Planet.

The Goddess of Nature works along side the Maha Chohan who is the great Overseer of the Powers of Nature and the Forces and all Kingdoms of Life on Earth. She works closely with Mighty Virgo, Beloved Aries, Master Helios and Mighty Neptune.

We can call upon the Goddess of Nature to lead Mighty Legions of the Angelic Host into the lower atmosphere to help cleanse and purify all Nature upon our Planet. These are the Angels of God’s Violet Purifying Flames, Angels of the Cosmic Blue Purifying Flames and Angels of the Rose Pink Flames of Divine Healing.

Size 8.5×11 in. and 5×7 in.  Artist: Gayliaa

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