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Inwards and Upwards – Pt.1

Welcome Beloved Hearts of Love, to our new Series. You have each come a long way and are now glimpsing higher states of Consciousness, especially in your meditations. As these higher states of consciousness find greater expression in you and out from you, the matrix, the world of duality, will have less and less impact upon you. Your ability to see past a world of appearances will become greatly enhanced. Like the Jedi Masters your ability to function in the matrix, to not be seen in the matrix, to not be touched by the matrix, will naturally increase as you achieve living beyond duality in higher states of Consciousness.

  • For the natural unfolding of this Journey, we will discern new ways to move deeply into the centre of our consciousness and from there, upwards into ongoing higher states of consciousness
  • We will experience new meditations specifically designed to raise and quicken our senses and faculties
  • We will experience the ‘Call of the Silence’ a more receptive state of meditation
  • Journeying Inwards and Upwards, we experience greater expansion of our awareness
  • The Elohim come to expand the Seven Creator Flames in our brain activity
  • Our body temples receive steady streams of fulfilling love from our Soul
  • We begin to experience a new awareness of Planetary Consciousness
  • A new relationship with the Powers of Nature unfolds
  • The Elements of the Plant Kingdom seek to restore communication with us
  • A renewal of senses and faculties positively affects our state of awareness
  • The Journey Forward invites greater Angelic Presence amongst us.

~ Vancouver 2022

1 Mp3 CD