Lady Nada

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Lady Nada

Lady Nada, former Princess of Arabia in the 5th Golden Age, is the Flame of Inspiration. After the Ascension of Her parents the Emperor and Empress of Arabia, She and Her brother Noel, had the responsibility of leading the people and encouraging them to evacuate, before their lands were to be scorched and cleansed by the Light of a Thousand Suns. Lady Nada and Noel were taken to Shamballa with only seconds left before that scorching began, a great test of their Faith. You can call upon Her to anchor Her Flame of Divine Inspiration within your own Heart Flame.

Lady Nada achieved Her Ascension in the area of Kent, England 792 years before Jesus’ Ascension.  This assisted in opening the way for Jesus to come to the Earth, and after His Ascension, He raised Her to a Cosmic Being for Her service. She is the Ascended Master Chohan of the Emerald Green Ray and has Her Retreat over Arabia. Lady Nada is also the Messenger for God Meru.

Size A4 (metric) & 5×7 in.
Artist: Gayliaa


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