Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

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Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

Ascended Master Guest List: Beloved Akasha, Lord Asun, Great Master Germain, Goddess of Liberty, Master El Morya, Mighty Victory, Ascended Master Youth, Lady Nada, Lord Kuthumi

Who amongst you, shall the Divine Plan for America unfold |Great Master Germain activates the Etheric Record of July 4, 1776 |The Light of God never fails, for those who turn towards the Light |Birthing Freedom’s Flame within your Consciousness |The return of the Mystery School Initiates |Your Destiny, the Mighty Presence of Victory |The Silent Watchers come to empower you |The Resurrection of the Untouchables |Seven Flames of Spiritual Empowerment |We live by Freedom’s Code of Conduct |Courage, Respect, Obedience, Silence, Honor, Truth, Chivalry |Love, Wisdom, and Power in Action, a Three-fold Flame |Great Master Germain returns as Merlin, the Sacred Alchemist |El Morya returns as King Arthur, the Code of Command |The Magnets Presence of Faith, Hope, and Charity comes upon you.                             ~ Syracuse 2014


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