Master Germain

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Great Germain

         This is the image of Himself that the Great God Germain chose to project to our chosen Ascended Master Portrait Artist, Gayliaa. He is the Son of Elohim Arcturus, Brother of Mighty Victory, Twin Brother of Lord Shadeeb and Twin Flame to the Goddess Justice. He is the Living Embodiment of the Great Purifying Flame and Overseer of this Seventh Golden Crystal Age. He is the Ascended Master Chohan of the Purifying Ray. God Germain was chosen Ascended Master Elect in 2009. One of His first acts was to lift the old Occult Law of death; of living three score years plus 10 and then to initiate a second set of Seven Sacred Weeks, to begin in May, because the need for Divine Intervention is so great.

It was the Determination and Creativity of the Master Alchemist that recruited His Brother, Mighty Victory, to agree to be the insurance that the Great Divine Logos required, to approve the Divine Plan to save the Earth and her people. He was then charged with chronicling the rise and fall of the people of Earth. He accomplished this by entering into many embodiments to experience the best and the worst of the human theatre. He began in India over 70,000 years ago and culminated with His life as William Shakespeare, when He wrote His findings in cipher code, through the works of William Shakespeare. He then feigned His own death and disappeared to the Himalayas where He made His Ascension. He has never gone through the change called death.

He has stood with the Beloved Goddess Empress Venus and Beloved Jesus the Christ, as the three who have voted against the recall of the people of Earth, when it has been presented by the Spiritual Hierarchy more than 10 times. He has fulfilled His promise to over light the Motion Picture Industry to prepare the consciousness of the mass of the people for the coming Untouchables.  The Master of disguise has taught us that whether He appears as Francis Bacon, as this image implies, or Saint Alban, Joseph, Father of Jeshu, the Prophet Daniel, Christopher Columbus, William Shakespeare, Merlin or others, He remains God Germain.  He Ascended in 1684 and we celebrate the Anniversary on May 1 each year.

Artist: Gayliaa

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