Meet Akasha and Asun

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The Radiant Rose Academy in concert with Sci-Tech Productions presents “Meet Akasha and Asun”, the Premiere recorded, live television broadcast filmed in Mt. Shasta, California, June 2009. This fifty-nine minute television episode was aired on Channel 15, MCTV-15 Public Broadcast System while broadcast Live, streaming over the Internet. This television production is now available on DVD. During the interviews, Beloved Mother Akasha discusses Her Rose Pink Ray’s Dispensation to the Earth, the Master Germain, Life in Delphi, the Divine Plan, and Her Heart’s Great Desires for Humankind. Asun shares with us how He “found his twin flame, Akasha”. In his unique teaching style, He invites us to “find the innocence of (our) Being and use the Power of (our) imagination and see and think and feel and hold and vibrate in the nonphysical of your Consciousness….”. In His expansive Presence, Asun continues, “I say let us have our own off-spring – the offspring of Higher Knowledge. The offspring of that which is Truth….”. He discusses “spiritual formulas” which are as precise as any “scientific formula”. This Television Broadcast is the first televised interview with Beloved Mother Akasha and Her Twin Flame, Asun and captures the Essence and the Love these two Great Cosmic Beings have for humanity and Their Service to Life.

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