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The Raising of the Magi

Master Enoch and the Four Ancient Magicians

Beloved Hearts, as we gather once again at the Sacred Mountain of Mount Shasta, the ancient Lords of Light also known as the ancient Magicians, come to us as Merlin, Metatron, Maitreya, and Melchizedek, to initiate in you ancient Geometric Codes of Light and Evolution. These include the Sacred Wand, the Sacred Pyramid, the Sacred Sphinx and the Sacred Merkabah.

  • Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, I AM that I AM or I Shall Be what I Shall Be
  • Passing through Sacred Pyramids of Light
  • Our Heart Flame creates a Sacred Wand
  • Our Merkabah becomes fully active now
  • The Mystery of the Pyramid, the Sphinx, the Merkabah and the Wand
  • New way of entering the Akashic Field, the Sub-Stratum
  • Receiving the Mother Element, the Shekinah Universe
  • of the Manifest universe
  • Developing the Consciousness of the Magi

~ Mount Shasta