Passage To Achristalibera

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Passage To Achristalibera

This special weekend, Mother Akasha, Papa Asun and the Beloved Christ raises the Magdalene Roses from the 28th Passage of Resurrection, Asymphonia, to the 29th Passage of Resurrection, Achristalibera. Mother’s special guests include the Goddess of Music, the Goddess of Charity, Archangel Raphael, Mighty Victory, Goddess Rose, Great Germain, and the Goddess of Liberty.

  • Raphael and Charity teach us the Call of the Heart
  • The Resurrection of becoming more Enlovened
  • The Power of Music to seal Vibrational Harmonies within us
  • Solfeggio Attunement to the 33 Passages of Resurrection
  • Liberty as a ‘feeling’ before it becomes experience
  • Attunement of our ‘inner hearing’
  • Preparing for the end of crucifixion consciousness
  • Papa Asun enfolds us in the heart of divine harmony

~ Vancouver 2021

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