Biomed Bepo Liquid – One Bottle

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Biomed Bepo Liquid – 250 ml
Plant-Base Parents Plus GLA

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Organic plant based oils for the maintenance of good health.

Some of the Benefits of taking our new Bepo Plant Essential Organic Oils

  1. For those desiring fast results, Students can take 3 teaspoons of oil a day, or maximum of 2 teaspoons twice a day.
  2. Please stop taking Fish Oils
  3. No need to take Krill Oil anymore, the Bepo’s will do the same and better
  4. No need to take Tocopherols/ Tocotrienols (Vitamin E). If you have been taking the Toco-Fin-Ols, finish taking them while on a lower dosage of oils, and once you have finished taking the Toco’s, no need to purchase anymore. The Bepo’s should help keep the blood thin, and reduce the risk of blood clotting by delivering the oxygen to the cells preventing sticking together, (don’t want to thin the blood too much)
  5. One could reduce taking Turmeric for inflammation,
    Chronic pain = lack of oxygen
    Chronic pain = lactic acid build up.
    Bepo’s bring oxygen to the tissues, making them great for pain reduction and inflammation.(Due to the GLA in the evening primrose, this is the anti/inflammatory component)
    Turmeric unlike the Bepo’s should not be taken long term. As Turmeric loses its effectiveness after one year it is most effectively used every other year. However you can phase out the Turmeric once you are taking full dosage of the oils.
  6. Bepo’s are great for wound healing, including recovering from surgery. Can be used topically for any skin conditions that needs correction. Bepo’s bring oxygen and healing to skin and organs since organs have a ratio of 4 to 1 in favor of omega 6, the skin has 1 part omega 3 and 1000 parts Omega 6.
  7. Increase in energy, reduces lactic acidosis.
  8. (Dosage dependent, 1/2 tsp. liquid for every 40lb Of body weight.)
  9. Skin becomes beautiful within months, the more fish oils and adulterated oils consumed the more time one needs, up to 4.5 months to see results. If one continues consumption of adulterated oils, Canola oil, Soy oil/ restaurant oils. The longer it takes to get desired results.
  10. Reduction of cravings:
    As the cells start getting the perfect fat for the membranes, a person can experience less cravings therefore assist in weight loss.
  11. Helps with Diabetes 2, Bepo’s repair the impaired/inflamed pathways that cause the insulin resistance. Evening Primrose (GLA) delivers that.

Important Benefits of the (Essential Fatty Acids) BEPO.

  • These essential fatty acids correct excessive inflammation with prostaglandins, produce hormones, etc.
  • Balanced Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids
  • Reverse Chronic Inflammation, Support Your Healing Process
  • Essential Fats Are Required for Cellular Membrane Functions
  • To aid in recovery from surgery, soft tissue trauma or inflammation, and strengthen immune function.
  • Also excellent for your skin, hair, and balancing hormones.
  • Essential Fatty Acids (BEPO) are also the building blocks of phospholipids. These are lipoproteins, which along with various membrane proteins, make up the cell membrane. Phospholipids are shown to be low in many known health conditions.
  • Pure natural source of nutrients required to reverse chronic inflammation brought on by industrial oils, processed food and restaurant foods in your diet.
  • A blend of omega 3, and 6 essential fatty acids to provide the necessary nutrients in the proper balance.
  • Fresh pressed flax and evening primrose oils with a few milligrams of coconut oil added to protect against rancidity of the oils.
  • Absolutely no chemicals are used in the processing.

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