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There is a 90-minute class held every month. Admission is $25, tax included. Tickets are sold at the door. Subscription price is $25. Class recordings are included in Subscription and Admission is free if you Subscribe to this class. Come join us!

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Discover and Experience…..

  • The Great Cosmic Beings who over-light our Solar System
  • The Great Cosmic Beings who over-light our Planet Earth
  • The Ascended Host who are known as ‘The God’s of the Elements’
  • The Ascended Host who are known as ‘The God’s of the Mountains’
  • The Ascended Masters who over-light some of the Nations of our World

Receive the Answers…..

  • Who are those who are part of the Ascended & Angelic Hierarchy of our Planet?
  • From the Lord the Maha Chohan who oversees the Powers of Nature
  • How we can work with our Planetary Hierarchy to help our Planet?
  • If possible, how do we purify and love free all Kingdoms of Life on Earth?
  • To what degree do our thoughts, words, and actions affect our Planet?
  • Can we affectively communicate with all Kingdoms on Earth?

Would you like to receive the same Teachings and training that many of the “Great Ones” that have walked upon this Earth received in the Ancient Mystery Schools?

  • How do we use the Sacred Fire, Cosmic Light Rays & Miracle Love to heal our Planet?
  • Can the Angelic Host actually purify our Atmosphere of all discord?
  • Can People who are on Spiritual Paths save our Planet?
  • Can we stop impending prophesies of dome and gloom for our world?
  • What affect does loving our Pets help the Animal Kingdom

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