Practical Living of Higher Vibrational Frequencies

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For the natural unfolding of this Journey, we will discern new ways to move deeply into the centre of our consciousness and from there, upwards into ongoing higher states of consciousness…

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Through the Ancient laws of Higher Vibrational Frequencies, we can cooperate with them in ways that help us to live a daily happy and fulfilling life.

  • The Laws of Attraction
  • Self-Evolving the best we desire to be
  • Attracting to our life, all that we are becoming
  • Desire comes before require
  • Drop the concern of ‘how’
  • Choose to become your best version
  • Law of Attraction is Self-Conscious, not selfishness
  • Carefully observing and watching our selves
  • Correcting self-behavior to ways that make us happier
  • Living a life with no baggage, becoming free
  • I attract the Best of me

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