Queen of Light

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Queen of Light

The Queen of Light, also known as Gloria, has the distinction of expanding Her consciousness “beyond infinity”. She expanded Her consciousness through billions of worlds absorbing the omnipresence and omniscience of each one. She is a Mighty Being in a Love Garment choosing to express the Light. You can call to the Queen of Light to ask Her to strengthen in you, Her quality of “Fearlessness”, which will assist you in expanding your consciousness. You can also call upon the Queen of Light to enfold you in a Luminous Sphere of Her Cosmic Light Substance, 9 feet out from you as added protection as you walk in this world. She holds a Chalice of the Ascended Mothers Heart and along with others such as Mother Vesta, Mother Mary, Mother Meta, and Grandmother Anna, have served as a Mother’s Presence and you can call to Her to have the Love of the Ascended Mother’s Heart poured to you.

Millions of years ago in a former Golden Age when Lord Melchizedek was the Father’s Presence, She created, by Eternal Fiat, the “Order of the Magdalenes” to recognize women, who because of the situation on Earth, were forced to serve quietly behind the scenes. Both Princess Mary and Mother Theresa belong to this Order and now others will be revealed.

She remained in Her last embodiment over 900 years, maintaining the appearance of 22 summers upon Ascension. Grand Master Melchizedek is Her Twin Flame and the Goddess of Light is Her daughter. She works on the White Rays and Flames to deliver Her Cosmic Light Substance wherever directed, and Her Heart Flame is Luminous Crystal White.

Available in Best Quality Photo paper ready for framing.
Artist: Gayliaa

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