Radiant Rose Conclave 2011

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The Radiant Rose Conclave – The Oracles and Flames. We are pleased to add to our roster of Ascended Master Guests, Beloved White Buffalo Calf Woman, Ascended and Free, known in the Ascended Realms as Goddess of the White Fire, who in previous times embodied on Earth within the First Nations Peoples. This will be the first time the Ascended Master Lady of the White Fire will be presenting through Akasha’s Dispensation. Becoming an Instrument, Channel of your own Higher Christ Consciousness | Receiving and Projecting the Sacred Rays and Flames | A time to raise life out of distress | Mastering the Greater Powers of the Universe | Allowing your Consciousness to enfold your Presence | Projecting your Consciousness into the Ascended Master Realms | Knowing how to charge your Consciousness with the Divine Energies | Discovering how to imprint physical matter with Essential Divine Consciousness | Knowing how to come closer to your Presence and the Angels & Ascended Masters.

Akasha and Asun’s Ascended Master Guests include: Great Master Germain, Goddess Rose, Emanuel, Archangel Michael, Goddess of Peace, The Queen of Light, Elohim Hercules, The Maha Chohan, The Ascended Master Youth Council, and the Goddess of the White Fire.

Our Presenters include: Paul Armitage, Leonard Eagle Cloud Howell, Roisha Rae (Denise Hagan), Joel Kaplan, Mahara Brenna, and The Radiant Rose Academy Actor’s Guild. Our Master of Ceremonies is Magic Moreno. Edmonton 2011

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