Radiant Rose Conclave 2018

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Radiant Rose Conclave – Creating our Sacred Circle of God

This Conclave is dedicated to expanding upon our Sacred Circle of God, opening the way for more expansive Realizations of Spiritual Truth and for God to appear as our True Spiritual Identity, God actualizing as our ‘Infinite Individual Beingness’. Profound actualization of our God Nature opening the Way for the Demonstration of our God Presence in our daily consciousness, in our lives, and the world around us.

Our Ascended Master Guests include: Mother Akasha, Master Asun, the Director Logos, Ascended Master Youth, Mother Teresa, Mighty Victory, Mother Mary, Master Kuthumi, the Goddess Rose, Master El Morya, Lady Leto, Lord Buddha, Goddess of Music, Archangel Uriel, and Beloved Virgo.

Masters Activation of our Pineal and Pituitary Glands | Embracing the Inner Silence of the Sacred Fire | How the Power of Love can still a busy mind | The Art of letting go as we enter the Inner Silence | The Blending of the outer self and the Inner Self…Oneness | Lighting the Power Centres of the brain | That Special Feeling when we are touched by our God Centre | The Process involved in God Self Emergence | Advancing our State of Consciousness. Edmonton 2018

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