Reach Level 2

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Reach In, Reach Up, Reach Out! An ongoing dedicated Motivational Program | Offering Continuous Personal and Spiritual Empowerment | Become the new ‘I AM Entrepreneurs’ and ‘I AM Innovators’ | Embracing the steps to ‘I say Yes to Life’ | Understanding… ‘How easy can it be?’ | Acquiring a peaceful yet vibrant alert mind |A ‘Thinking Process’ that impacts your reality positively | ‘Sensitivity Training’ for ‘What I feel, I make real!’ | Heart/Feeling alignment for increased Intuition | Cancelling old limiting mental belief systems that limit you | Sourcing your Imagination for Vision Building | Increasing your Spiritual Force and Energy | Unleashing the Power of your Presence | Channeling your Will for Direct Positive Experience |Transforming Self to be a Humble, Grateful, Freedom Manifestor | A time to re-write our ‘Acceptance Journals’ | Building within yourself ‘A Sense of Sovereignty’ | Commitment to living ‘A Consciousness of Camelot’ | Charting the Course: ‘Living from the inside out!’ | Begin your T-Tran Training: Transform, Transmute, Transfigure! |The 4 E’s of Reach: Excellence, Extraordinary, Exceptional, and Exemplary! | Building your C Force: Chivalry, Character and Charisma. ~ Vancouver 2011

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