Resurrection Conclave 2015

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Welcome Beloved, to our first Conclave of 2015, the Resurrection Conclave. Once again the Mighty Alchemist, the Master Great Master Germain is our Special Guest as He continues to teach us about the Universal T-Force of Transformation, Transmutation, and Transfiguration, and its Life Giving impact upon our physical bodies. As we continue to embrace our Higher Christ Consciousness, what a Miracle it is that through the Power of Unconditional Love and the Universal T-Force of the Purifying Rays, we can raise our bodies to become Temples of the Most High, the Mighty Christ Presence.

Mother Akasha and Lord Asun welcome your presence to Conclave. Other Ascended Master Guests include: the Great Divine Director, Beloved Leto, Jesus the Christ, Master Kuthumi, Goddess Himalaya, the God Tabor, the Master Hilarion, Ascended Master Youth, William Shakespeare, and Mother Meta from India.
Unconditional Love, the Amazing Grace of Resurrection | Expressions of Gratitude become Love in Motion | Hidden Keys to Life that are found within Unconditional Love | The Moving Force for greater Peace, Joy, and Freedom | A new Relationship with the Master Alchemist Great Master Germain | The Purifying Ray, the T-Force upon physical matter  | The Force of Love that re-unites the physical brain and heart |

  • Divine Union occurs within our physical garments | Light, Mind, Brain alignment with Love, Feelings, Heart | The outer world reflects all the energy we set in motion Loving your life free with Unconditional Love | And much, much more ~ Vancouver 2015

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