Resurrection Conclave 2018

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Resurrection Conclave 2018 ~ The Age of Spiritual Initiation 

King David and King Solomon revealed their first major Initiation based on the question given to them from their Spiritual Teacher: What does God mean to you? They were given months to contemplate this and were asked to respond with ‘One Word’. Context to their response could come with an extension of 2 to 5 words. Kind David responded with “Sustenance” and the context for this He chose Wisdom, Understanding, Strength, and Love. King Solomon responded with “Illumination” and the context for this He chose Wisdom and Wealth. Both Kings received a powerful Initiation; an Act of Grace was bestowed upon them.

Our Ascended Master Guests for this Conclave include: The Director Logos, Mother Akasha, Papa Asun, Master Jesus, Lady Nada, Mighty Victory, Lady Leto, Ascended Master Youth, Arceus Arcameus, Mother Teresa, Mighty Aries, Beloved Kuthumi, the Goddess of Light, Archangel Michael, the Queen of Light and Master Germain. Vancouver 2018

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