The Emerging Essential Self

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A time for all of us to become Mighty Conduits of God in Action for the Seventh Golden Age to unfold upon our Earth.

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The Emerging Essential Self

We welcome you to a Special Weekend with Mother Akasha, Papa Asun, and the Great Master Germain. Through your Studies, Meditations, and the art of living your Spiritual Life outwardly, the world readies now to greet your ‘Emerging Essential Self’, your true, whole, God Self, that is now emerging from the Inner Depths of your Consciousness.

  • A fulfilling Realization of Self emerges
  • Divine Influences from your Soul and Causal Body are ready
  • We come to Twin our Essence with yours
  • The Radiation of your Divinity reaches the surface of your body
  • The Transformation of your heart and mind, your Garden of Consciousness
  • The Holy Grail becomes alive in your heart
  • You are ready to live the ‘Lover’s Path of Enlightenment’
  • A Contemplative Sanctuary emerges from deep within
  • The Ultimate Clearing of the Consciousness of Duality
  • Your Inner Christ Presence radiates out into the world
  • Your Soul Splendor, your Essential Self ready to come forward
  • Your Life becomes a Rainbow Bridge to Higher Realms of Light.

~ Vancouver 2020

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