The Great Archangels

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The Great Archangels – Emissaries of God

Description: 8.5×5.5 in, Printed in 2023
Book 1 – Soft Cover 196 pages
Book 2 – Soft Cover 192 pages
Book 3 – Soft Cover 208 pages

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The Great Archangels come to remind you of the Divine Mission of the Angelic Host in your lives. We belong to the Spiritual Hierarchy of your System of Worlds, and our mission is to assist all races, civilizations, and worlds to accomplish purpose, destiny, and fulfilment of their Divine Heritage. The people of Earth are a Creator Race, endowed with the Powers of Creation itself. We are here to help you create magnificent lives of love, joy, perfection, and more. We are here to assist you to harvest and express your own creative powers to manifest lives and worlds in accordance with your Higher Purpose and Destiny.

We have been called upon to watch your Earth and to ready ourselves for that moment when a Great Awakening will begin amongst the people of Earth, and that is beginning now. To those who accept our reality, and who accept our Limitless Legions of Angels, you can restore your relationship with us until once again humankind comes to enjoy living and working with the Angels, visible amongst them. We can offer greater assistance into your personal lives and into the conditions that seem to be growing more discordant in the world today.

When the Archangels and Angels are called into action by any of you, we begin to use our Superpowers; we project our Powers in and around your lives for your greater protection and your eventual freedom. We project our Powers into conditions that threaten lives on Earth, and in and around that which must be protected from any further discord or destruction. We seek to come closer to you, to be real to you, and to be your next best Invisible Friends!

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