The Great Awakening – Pt.2

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The Great Awakening – Pt.2

Our Weekend Series “The Great Awakening”, Part Two continues with Beloved Jesus, Princess Mary Magdalene, Elohim Hercules, Goddess of Harmony, Lord Buddha, Mother Akasha, Papa Asun, Peter Pan, Goddess Isis, Goddess of Music, and the Director Logos.

  • Creating High Vibrational Energy Fields around yourself
  • Creating High Vibrational Energy Fields in your homes and automobiles
  • Solfeggio Alignment to 528Hz Frequency
  • Spiritual Attunement with The Solfeggio Sound Treatment Meditations, 639Hz & 741Hz
  • We come now a Benevolent Force in your Life
  • Embrace now the Law of Redemption that your Path becomes clear
  • How to project your God Presence in all directions as you go on about your day
  • Let the Noble Spiritual Beings that you truly are now arise
  • A Time to Step up to our Vows to fully awaken and enlighten
  • We must support the ‘Truth Sayers’ anointed to reveal what has been hidden
  • Supporting ways to increase your receptivity to ‘Intuitions’
  • The take down of the world ‘illuminati and cabal’ has begun
  • We come to help you to Harness your Spiritual Power now
  • Advancing the Kingdom of God on Earth
  • Creating your own Forcefield of Christ Energy.

~ Vancouver 2020

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