The Power of the Sacred Fire

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The Power of the Sacred Fire

This Edmonton Workshop, our first event of 2020 was very timely and most informative, as Mother Akasha explained why we are referred to as ‘Beings of the Sacred Fire’ from the Great Central Sun. Reviewing our origins and the various forms we created before coming to the Earth and the original creation of physical bodies, and how as we spiritually grow, the Mighty Unfed Flames of GodSource begin governing our physical temples and much much more was all part of this miracle weekend.

A Deeper review of the Sacred Flames and their deep significance were emphasized and delved into more deeply to help us comprehend more fully the impact, the relevance, the poignancy and purpose of how they (Sacred Flames) raise us up…and much more to help us understand who we are, and how we came to be.

The Masters spoke of the end of sacrifice and suffering and wonderful intervention to help us live presently without the limitations of the past…


Welcome Beloved Hearts to our first weekend Event of 2020, held in Edmonton, Alberta. This weekend Mother Akasha desires that we discover much more about the Powers of the Sacred Fire as offered into our use by some of the Great Ascended Host. As we align with the Invisible Force of the Sacred Fire, we can then use these Mighty Activities in our daily lives. There are unlimited benefits of using the Sacred Fire which include: Protection, Purification, Healing, Harmonizing, Balancing, Attaining Higher Consciousness, Greater Peace, Miracles, Greater Love, embodying a Higher Radiation of Light, Divine Balance and Justice, and much more!

Mother Akasha and Her Rose Pink Flames . Archangel Michael and His Cosmic Blue Flames . Goddess of Venus and the Fire Power of Her Cosmic Love Supreme . The Unfed Flames of Individualized I AM God Presence . The Majestic Plumes of the Eloah Creator Beings . The Golden Flames of Jesus Christ and the God of Gold . The Ascension Flame of Lord Melchizedek . The Violet Transmuting Flame of Master Germain . The Seven-Fold Flames of Seven Mighty Elohim . The Emerald Green Flame of Lord Buddha . The Flame of Divine Inspiration of Lady Nada . The Golden White Flame of Mighty Victory . The Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning Fire of Mighty Hercules . The Flame of Divine Mercy & Compassion of Quan Yin . The Resurrection Flame of Love, Illumination, and Purity . The White Fire Flame of Pure Christ Light . The Fire Power of the Seven Rainbow Rays . The Wall of Cosmic Blue Flames . The Golden Heart Flame of the Director Logos . The Radiant Green Flame of Healing of Archangel Raphael . Flame of Divine Love of Mother Mary, Mother Vesta, Mother Meta . The Limitless Light of the White Fire Flames . The Triune Activity of the I AM Honor Flame . The Indigo Flame from out the Great Silence . The Cosmic Blue & White Flame of the Goddess of Liberty.

~ Edmonton 2020

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