Transmutation of our Spiritual Identity

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Transmutation of our Spiritual Identity

Welcome Beloved Magdalene Roses to our first Weekend Gathering of 2024. We are in a new Volume now of the Ancient Tree of Life Teachings offering unique concepts in the Art of Becoming in this amazing Journey into Higher States of Consciousness, even Christ Consciousness.

Mother Akasha will be communicating with some of the most Ancient of Masters throughout our Galaxy as She oversees the personal transformation of our lives, from Adepts to Initiates, to Alchemists of Seventh Degree Consciousness. Here our ever-changing Identity transmutes the Divine Substance of this Seventh Golden Age, transforming our Identity in becoming All that we Design, All that we Create and All that we Are.

The Journey from Adept to Initiate, to Sage, to Master, to Alchemist to Ascended Master able to transverse Higher Realms of Consciousness and Matter now unfolds with greater intensity as we leave behind the lower worlds of human duality into higher worlds of grace and divinity.



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