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All classes are only available by subscriptions

There are four 2 hour classes held every month.
Admission is $20 per class, tax included. There are 4 Tree of Life Classes most months. Tickets are sold at the door. Subscription price for the 4 classes is $57. Admission is free if you Subscribe to the 4 monthly Tree of Life classes. Class recordings are included in Subscription. Come join us!!

Subscribe to all 4 Classes and automatically be enrolled in the Gold Membership Plan that offers 15% Discount on most of our Products and gives you access to a host of Spiritual Resources found in the Student Login Area, a restricted area of the website.

Testimonial January 2016: I have noticed over the last year to a year and a half that Akasha and Asun have really stepped things up in the Tree of Life Classes. I cannot convey enough how much the Tree of Life Classes mean to me. All of the classes are important but there is just something about TOLC. I always listen to each class multiple times. There is always something in them that I need to know or be reminded of. Yesterday I listened to the one from January 20th, and I was absolutely THRILLED to learn that we have 6 students that are so close to doing what we all came here to do. You have no clue how this news completely energized me. I was at work and I had to stop myself from jumping up and shouting for joy! As I continue to listen to each TOLC I look forward to hearing how that number of 6 has increased. May we all get this show on the road!!!

Discover and Experience…..

  • Your True Spiritual Self and the nature of Consciousness
  • Why it is important to impact all life in a positive way
  • Why it is important to make a difference in this world
  • How to create opportunities in your life
  • How to unleash the Spiritual Powers hidden within you
  • Means to fully awaken to your Divine Consciousness
  • Introduction to the Ancient Wisdom of the Masters
  • Ways to open your heart more and expand your own inner Light
  • How to use your mind, feelings, and vision to create all you desire

Receive the Answers…

  • Are you looking for solutions to the challenges you may be facing?
  • Wondering how much Life exists out there in the Universe?
  • Wondering how to engage and empower a dynamic relationship with Life?
  • Do Ascended and Angelic Beings of Light exist to assist you in your life?
  • How your life comes with Destiny, Higher Purpose and a Divine Plan?
  • Do you desire to let go of fear, doubt, limitations, and negative emotions?

Discover the spiritual nature of your true Self as “Light and Love” and experience the emergence of these mighty Forces inside you!

  • What is truly the “Journey of Awakening and Becoming”?
  • Would you like to successfully apply the Laws of Manifestation?
  • How to break free of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil?
  • Discover the Tree of Life, Evolution, and Perfection!
  • The Value of Living a Spiritual Life
  • Successful ways to Meditation, Contemplation, Visualization, Affirmation

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