Universal Laws of Existence Pt.1

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Universal Laws of Existence Pt.1

Welcome Beloved Magdalene Roses to a 3-part Series on the Dynamic Relationship between Consciousness and Physical Existence, in Regard to Self, Source, the Universe, Space and Matter.

Missing links between human Consciousness and Mastery . Time has come to construct the 7th Golden Age Consciousness . Evolution of your consciousness brings about evolutions into harmony . 24/7 Elevations of Conscious thought taking improves life joyfully . A new powerful underpinning of Divine Consciousness . Drawing the Power of the Divine into Human Life . Mentally Directing Divine Energy into Spiritual Channels . How present condition of personal consciousness brings you good or bad

Mother Akasha and Father Asun special Guests include the Queen of Light, Lord Melchizedek, Lady Leto, Lord Maitreya, Mother Vesta, Lord Kuthumi, the Christ, and Master Germain.



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